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About NSR Executive Protection Services
NSR Executive Protection Services founder, Neal Richter, is a highly motivated and accomplished professional with more than 25 years of exemplary Law Enforcement experience with the Broward Sheriff's Office. Mr. Richter is a dedicated member of the Executive Protection community with demonstrated leadership abilities.

• Licensed private investigator.

• Outstanding leadership skills with a command of Executive Protection protocols and operations. 

• Special expertise in Executive Protection of executives  of Fortune 500 companies and dignitaries.

• Utilizes a dynamic, synergistic style in collaboration with colleagues in a team approach utilizing colleagues in over 60 countries.

• Considered a catalyst with keen strategic planning skills and a pragmatic, resourceful approach to responsibilities.

• A lifelong advocate of the mixed martial arts; and a very effective operator in high threat, dangerous environments with overseas experience.
Neal Richter
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Neal Richter, as quoted in the International Business Times in the article "Road to Rio: As Crime Explodes In Rio, Private Security Forces Step In As Protectors"

Bradley, of International SOS, said that while terrorism is always a concern, travelers to Brazil are likely to face more mundane threats, including opportunistic crime, protest activity and traffic accidents.  

Some security experts are worried enough that they're advising clients to stay away from the Olympics altogether. "It's just too juicy of a target," says Sunil Ram, a Canadian security professional.

Neal Richter, a retired Florida’ sheriff’s deputy who now operates NSR Executive Protection Service — a private bodyguard service for wealthy travelers and corporate CEOs — agrees. “It’s risky down there," he says. "I don’t know how they are going to pull it off.”