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NSR Executive Protection Services

We protect you - the Executive!

We protect your family!

We protect your assets!

Our purpose is to provide you with peace of mind in this turbulent world.

Risk Assessment

Bodyguard and Security Companion Services

Travel Protection Program

Courier Services

Executive Driver

Security Guard Services

Discreet Estate and Residential Security Specialist

Licensed Private Investigator

Travel protection liaison with contacts in over sixty countries.

​We strive to fulfill your security needs.

Dr. Joseph A. Finley, Jr.,Ph.D., CPP
Director of Training at Invictus Security

"Mr. Richter is extremely professional in his approach to EP. His knowledge and physical abilities make him the perfect choice for close in "principal" protection work. I would highly recommend him for employment at any level of EP work."

Carl Hansen
Director, Production, Original Programming @ Fox Sports 1

"Can't say enough good things about Neal Richter... had an excellent experience with him while making a docu-follow TV show about a celebrity, in real places every day and paparazzi following us everywhere." 

"He has keen observational skills, which are paramount in the field, and a good down-to-earth personality that makes people working with him feel at ease and protected. I would highly recommend him."
Neal Richter - founder of NSR Executive Protection Services
Global Bodyguard and 
Security Companion Services
​Travel Protection Program
Estate and Residential Protection Services
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